Areas of Interest

Writing of Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, & Memoir
Gothic, Mystery, & Science Fiction Literature
Children’s Literature (Including Middle Grade & Young Adult)
(The Long) Nineteenth Century Fiction, British & American
Twentieth & Twenty-first Century Fiction
Rhetoric and Composition
English Language Learning

Instructor, Department of English, Washington State University, Richland, 2017 to present.

ENGL 324 Rhetoric and Composition for Teaching (Master in Teaching Program)
ENGL 326 Applied Grammar for Teachers (Master in Teaching Program)

Instructor, Writers’ Program, UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, 2014 to present.

ENGLSH X 461 Writing the Short Story: Intermediate Workshop (Online)
ENGLSH X 464.1B MFA Preparation (Online)
ENGLSH X 403A Introduction to Fiction Writing (Online)
ENGLSH XL 137 Creative Writing: Short Story (Online)

Instructor, American Language Center, UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, 2014.

ESL 942.2AC Intermediate Academic Topics
ESL 943.1LA Discover LA
ESL 943.2CU Advanced Culture Topics

Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2009 to 2014.

Instructor of record for courses taught.

English 206 – Science Fiction
English 206X – Science fiction (online course) (2 semesters)
English 208X – The Mystery and the Gothic Tradition (online course)
English 208 – The Mystery and the Gothic Tradition
English 216 – Children’s Literature
English 252 – Introduction to Fiction Writing (2 semesters)
English 352X – Intermediate Fiction Writing (online course)
English 180 – Introduction to Literature (1 semester)
English 151 – Rhetoric as Argument (4 semesters)
English 150 – Rhetoric as Inquiry (2 semesters)
English 150H – Honors Rhetoric as Inquiry (1 semester)
English 101 – Rhetoric and Reading (2 semesters)
English 101H – Honors Rhetoric and Reading (1 semester)

Teaching Assistant, Department of English, Oregon State University, 2005 & 2006.

Instructor of record for courses taught.

Writing 222 – Introduction to Fiction (1 quarter)
Writing 121 – Composition (3 quarters)

English Language Instructor, ESLPlus Program, Mercersburg Academy, 2005 & 2006.

Instructor of record for courses taught.

Junior English – Literature (2 summer sessions)
Senior English – Literature (2 summer sessions)