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Praise for Please Find Us

“These stories are breathtaking, astonishing explorations of that sliver of space between light and dark, and the truths that lie therein. Wendy Oleson writes with uncommon intelligence, originality, and candor. I highly recommend.” - Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003 - 2018

“Wendy’s stories confirm that the world is at once a mystery and a blessing. From womb to post-apocalypse, she gives the full gamut of humanity at the cellular level and makes us appreciate what it means to be alive.” - Robert Hill, author of When All Is Said and Done and The Remnants 

“Wendy Oleson’s characters—these voices—inspire wonder; they are of our world and lifting away from it, a hot air balloon tethered.”  - Jensen Beach, author of Swallowed by the Cold

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Praise for Our Daughter and Other Stories: 

“Wendy Oleson’s debut collection of stories is shimmering, inventive, and moving. Oleson’s prose keeps the reader at a remove from the pain, as though it is being viewed through a window, or a far-away bridge, making it strangely lovely. In the title story, Oleson writes, “it’s love that makes the world thick and strange,” and certainly the love, particularly between mothers and daughters, is what drives these stories. The mothers and daughters here reach for one another but never seem able to connect. There is a girl made of glass, cold to the touch, polished by the mother. There is an adopted daughter, an abandoned daughter, a daughter who sprang from a kombucha-soaked uterus, so slim she can lie stretched out along the length of a pin. As Oleson writes in “Bodies of Water,” these stories “bloomed heavy and strange with loneliness.” They bloom also with an unforgettable, broken beauty that makes this collection memorable and haunting.” - N. West Moss, author of The Subway Stops at Bryant Park

“In this gathering of short fiction, Wendy Oleson tips the world on its side to reveal betrayal, parental love, and childhood fears in ways never before encountered. Thrown off balance b startlingly beautiful prose, readers jolt into new truths about familiar themes Oleson has manage to present as both amusing and terrifying.” - Martha Witt, author of Broken as Things Are

“Wendy has a remarkable insight into the everyday moments that mirror the deeper, sometimes twisted mysteries we carry within us and almost never voice. Her stories are a breath of fresh air that reminds us how tender the flesh is beneath the skin.” - Jonis Agee, author of The Bones of Paradise 

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