FLASH Fiction


Lenticular Image.” Bending Genres (April 2019) 

Fear is erasure fear is / is not / is / fear is not a night sky without stars.


What We Deserve.” Lost Balloon (February 2019) 

We wanted it coated with ice, a slick shell perfect for sledding and canceling school.

Tahoma cover.jpg

Len’s Twine.” Tahoma Literary Review 12 (Summer 2018)

My brother, Len, had found six types of twine in Ocean City. He called it a good trip.  

Moon City Review.jpg

“Suffocate.” Moon City Review 6 (2018)  

Grandpa poured the oil with shaking hands. And smiling. For every problem a solution.


“When a Child Dies (Bear it Away).” Copper Nickel 24 (2017): 76    

The Cossack Review.jpg

“Record from a Farmhouse” and “Engoy! the Candy.” The Cossack Review 7 (2017): 35-36, 37   

New Flash Fiction Review 8.jpg

Our Daughter.” New Flash Fiction Review 8 (Summer 2016)   

“So You Survived the Apocalypse.” Driftless Review (Winter 2016)   


Story of a Room.Quarterly West 86 (Fall 2015)   

The MacGuffin image.jpg

“We Used to Play.” The MacGuffin 30.2 (2014): 66  

matchbook image.png

Pin: A Fairy Tale.” Matchbook Review (March 2012)    

Copper nickel logo.jpg

“Jane.” Copper Nickel 16 (2011): 7   


The Mistakes of Summer.” Hobart (April 2011)   

SmokeLong cover.jpg

How I Liked the Avocados.” SmokeLong Quarterly 28 (Summer 2010)